Unnatural Language Processing

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Unnatural Language Processing

Word Processor

instrument (n.), from the Latin instruere: to “arrange, prepare, set in order; inform, teach”

A new ‘instrument / compositional / processing tool’ that appropriates methods from speech-to-text and ASR as parameters for text and audio composition and experimentation.

A public version of the www⁄word processor is now available with a range of preloaded transcripts. N.B. works best with Firefox.

Learn more www⁄here .

Upcoming Session

Sunday 17 October 2021 9pm AEST, 12pm CET. www⁄REGISTER

Machine Listening returns to Unsound in 2021, having launched last year, with the next episode in the curriculum. Unnatural Language Processing explores the history, politics and artistic potential of automatic speech recognition.

Along with talks, conversations and newly commissioned audio experiments, the session launches an ‘instrument’, built in collaboration with www⁄Reduct , for the filtering, processing and manipulation of speech and text, which the public will be invited to play.

Appearing at the live session are www⁄Alessandro Bosetti , www⁄Martina Raponi , www⁄Sue Tompkins , www⁄Roslyn Orlando , www⁄Justin Clemens , and www⁄Mehak Sawney ; plus contributions by www⁄Robert Ochshorn , www⁄Jennifer Walshe , www⁄Tomomi Adachi , www⁄Johannes Kreidler , Michael McClelland and more.

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