Who is this curriculum being written by?

James Parker
March 18, 2024


This curriculum is being written by an evolving community of scholars interested in thinking critically about machine listening. This community is deliberately diverse. So far, it has included lawyers, programmers, and artists, along with scholars from sound studies, media studies, anthropology, geography, and music. We all have different relationships with the machine listening industry, but none of us are simply champions of it. Many of us are from the global north, though not all. Pluralisation is something we will keep working on.

As a result, you will find that the curriculum is not written in one voice. It is polyphonous in terms of style, content, and perspective. It isn’t aiming to be comprehensive or objective. This isn’t an encyclopedia. Most entries are sole-authored, but some have been written collaboratively, and some are in dialogue with each other, or maybe in counterpoint. Authorship is always attributed.

If you would like to contribute to growing the curriculum, please get in touch via machinelistening2020@gmail.com. This is an intentionally open project.